by me…

Woman ; hey, have you been watching any of the world cup soccer matches ?

Man :  well, I was ….. until my favorite team was bounced  Out of the first round of play. I mean, they should have made all the way to the second…… but a whole series of events cost the team the opportunity to prove them selves on the world stage

Woman : what do you mean ?

Man: well, in the first match, two of their star players out with nagging injuries, so the rest of the players, unfortunately just coldn’t keep up with the …… team

Woman : wel, that just life. I mean every is going to to have players out with ….

Man : yea , but that’s beside the point. And, and then, in the second game, the rets made some terrible calls, allowing the opposing team to slip by with victory. I mean, we were robbed on the one .the rets must have been walking in their sleep !

Woman ; but, didn’t one of your own players accidentaly kick the ball  twice in to his own …? I must that doesn’t sound like a bad call to me

Man : That’s just beside the point

Woman : really

Man : and finally, our team was …. In the final watch I mean they were way out ahead until the other team rellied in the final three minutes of play to squeak out a victory . it was a total embarrassment  for our team. Our team was booed. All I can is that the sun must have been in our players eyes ……

Woman : uh, wasn’t it a night game ?

Man :  That’s beside the point ,too. You just not understanding anything I’m saying

Woman :  so, who are you rooting for now. Seeing that your team has been eliminated ?

Man : Ah, I can’t watch any more soccer. So I’ve been following an online chess tournament.

Woman : what ? Now, that has to he the most ridiculous reaction I have ever heard of. So, you’re going to completely boycott  the rest of the play because your team got bounced out of the tournament ?

Man : ah, forget it. You just don’t understand.

Vocabulary note:

Be bounced out of : be eliminated from

–          The team will be bounced out of of the tournament unless they improve their play

Nagging : a continual unpleasant feeling that lasts for along time

–          I ve had a nagging pain in my neck that just won’t go away

Keep up with : kepp pace with or up to the level with

–          Why in the world would you buy an expensive tv if you didn’t have enough money ?

Slip by : barely pass by

–          My sister was able to sleep by the final runner near yhe end of the race

Rally ; come together for a common effort

–          The company employees rallied together to help a coworker who was suffering from cancer

Squek out : barely pass or win something

–          Unfortunately, our team wasn’t able to squeak out a victory in the last two minutes of play

Root for : show support for

–          That come to the event and root for the team , the better luck we might have

Boycott ; refuse to take part in something

–          Several countries boycotted the sporting event due to politicial issues..




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