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come back with me on TV  Honey

(Medan,  Tv Honey)

This time the news comes from snacks in the school canteens is dangerous, because there are still many snacks in school canteens are not worthy of consumption, because it contains a number of hazardous substances. This is expressed by Chief District Medan Medical Officer Dr Yolius, yesterday after doing the test on some foods and drinks there.

From the test results, ice samples that contain artificial sweeteners (Cyclamate).     Cyclamate is usually used as a sweetener for people who are on a consumption-calorie diet such as diabetes. If use exceeds the allowed limit can cause tumors, bladder, half, liver and spleen and cause genetic damage.

Then from the testing of noodles, noodles were sold used borax. Though borax is used as an antiseptic, cockroach exterminator and floor cleaning materials. The dangers posed from consuming borax, nausea, vomiting, kidney damage, liver, nerves and even death unless product noodles had been labeled as P-IRT certificate issued by the Department of Health.

Thus the latest news, thanks for your concern for him, and survivors watch the next show.


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