Drama Bahasa Inggris untuk Lima orang


In a village called Rawa Belong, there is a young man named pitung. Pitung have a nephew named Mpok Imeh which always helps. Pitung who hated the Dutch, due to avenge his father killed by Dutch soldiers. One day, pitung with his troops to infiltrate the headquarters of the Dutch army to find and kill the generals Vanden Bosc, but it failed because it lost the number.

Pitung: where it is, the Dutch came, then I gotta go … I lost …
Mpok Imeh: pitung … wait for me … dutch attack us
Pitung: still running, we better go back to the forest
Vanden: pitung where he had gone? I’ll kill her
Soldiers: they must hide the forest
Vanden: if so, we better go back

A few days later and mpok pitung kedesanya Imeh back, even if they fail, but they will fight the invaders tetak dutch.

Mpok Imeh: I’m so hungry, whether aunt have food?
Mom: yes, I just cook, wait a minute will I get
Mpok Imeh: thank you .. I’m very hungry
Pitung: (home) Assala mualaikum …. Hufthhh, mom I’m so tired I wanted to sleep, and do           not bother me for a while
Mom: hey … pitung, do not sleep …
Pitung: sleepy ….
Mother: … …. Pitung to the mosque quickly go to pray, do not sleep …
Pitung …. Pitung … .. so lazy you do not sleep … wake up ….
Pitung wake up … … … (membanjur water)
Pitung: hey …. Hey … floods … .. … flooding.
Mother: Quickly go to the mosque
Pitung: God, please do not pour anymore … .. (Left)

Furthermore pitung went to the mosque. However, without knowing it was in general Vanden Bosc with soldiers preparing to go to swamp villages belong.

Vanden: soldiers come here, there is something that I want to! (Angry)
Soldier: ready-general, what is calling me?
Vanden: I want to kill the pitung, if you have a good idea?
Soldier: Why do not we do like the competition to catch it, anyone who is caught, then will          we give gifts
Vanden: That’s pretty good, fast carry out! (Angry)
Soldier: a good general

Soldier: the common people, gathered in front of me all. Listen to this if anyone can catch           the pitung alive or dead, I’ll give a big prize. Understand!

All: understand (chorus)
Soldier: disperse

General Vanden Bosc end up doing the contest, to capture pitung. However, because the citizens agreed to belong marsh, shielding pitung, then they do not obey the Netherlands.

Mpok Imeh: aunt … aunt …. Intensive Dutch pitung want to kill … ..
Mother: What …. What did you say??
Mpok Imeh: pitung want to kill the same in dutch …
Mother: What … right? …
Pitung … pitung (call)
Pitung: what’s the fuss?
Mpok Imeh: see you’re here …. (Pointing to paper)
Pitung: ordinary artist .. was used to get the news, it’s useless it would not work. Because I         was the son of the original Muscle betawi bone iron wire.
Mpok Imeh: do not be hasty, do not underestimate their
Pitung: let … this is my way (while away)
Mother: ok… I want to continue cooking in the kitchen (*)

Unable to catch the pitung by competition, the Dutch became very angry and intend to attack the village belong swamp.

Vanden: damn …. It turned out very elusive pitung
Soldier: we better go straight home alone swamp belong, we are looking for a name pitung, original Betawi children.
Vanden: good. But, what weapons do you have?
Soldier: I got it (cucumber)
Vanden: stupid, what do you bring that garbage, not weapons. No wonder pitung escape continues.
Soldier: sorry, wrong. Than in dis is better we go. We attack the village belong swamp

In the border village of Mpok imeh been stalking dutch arrival. He went on to tell this to pitung and his mother.
(Pitung go and sleep)
Mpok imeh: Aunt … pitung …. Where you guys … …. Pitung …. O.. he ….
(Walking toward pitung) pitung up …. Build pitung ….
Pitung: What Mpok, noisy
Mpok Imeh: the Netherlands come … want to attack this village. Hurry up
Mother: What …. Netherlands
Pitung: I’ll deal with them …. Let me balsakan revenge my father … (out)
Mother: be careful, son, do not be hasty
Mpok imeh: we better leave this house and seek a safe haven (dutch come)
Vanden: where pitung? Quick answer
Mother: I do not know
Soldier: Quick answer, where pitung? or I kill you
Mpok Imeh: we no know
Soldier: general better we just kill them
Vanden: hey pitung out, if not I’ll kill them
Pitung: I’m here, quick disconnect them!
(Remove weapons that turned out to cucumbers)
All: What is this?
Pitung: (kill Vanden Bosc) finally avenged my father’s resentment, too.

Finally pitung can kill their soldiers and their generals Vanden Bosc. Now the father’s revenge pitung been shortchanged, and no longer dared to disturb occupiers swamp villages belong. Pitung also hi to prosper


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