tugas bercerita bahasa inggris


On 28 August 2011 that then, my family went on vacation along withLebaran. This year our  family went on vacation to grandma’s house in the city of  Palu. There we were on vacation for five days.

During the holidays I am very happy because I can see my brothers from other cities are different. Because we can only meet once a year so we missed each other  mutually.  There  I  also exchanged  experiences  with  my brothers about the lessons fromour respective schools.

On the second day of the holiday, I took time to visit one of the attractions in the city of Bandung is to Dago area attractions, and street Riau, there I was with my family shopping for various types of clothing.

In this city our family also perform the Eid prayer, ie on day four. On this day the atmosphere was very different because a lot of  guests coming in this grandmother’s house. My family and I tell each other ‘Minal aidzin walfa idzin’, to all my brothers. During a full day of our family celebrate this victory.

Does not feel it was a five-day family vacation in Bandung city, is now time to return to the home in the town of Sukabumi beloved. It has become a tradition every holiday Lebaran Our family went to see relatives to stay in touch with each other.


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