Cleanliness Of The Classroom

                In a class, there are two students that is Hary and Denis, they were discussing about the cleanliness of the classroom. suddenly Andi came  and approached them.

Hary    : Good  morning, Denis…

Denis   : Good morning, Hary…

Hary    : Hi.. Denis what do you think of cleanliness classroom ?

Denis   : I feel the class room is clean enough, it was okay. Not too bad.

Because every student can be study well.

Hary    : Emhhh…. I am very dissatisfied  with the condition of the class, I feel the              classroom  is very dirty, there are many rubbish here, it can be cause                 disease like diarrhea.

Denis   : I’m completely satisfied with everything you’ve done for me. Because it, I              do not care about the cleanliness class.

Hary    : Ahhh…. I don’t think so. I don’t like dirty.

Denis  : For me it was satisfactory, although is not clean.


Suddenly Andi came  and approached them


Andi    :  Hi Good Morning, is everything O.K. here ?

Denis   :  Yes thank you. Everything is fine.

Hary    :  Hi… Andi are you satisfied with cleanliness of the classroom ?

Andi    :  I am a little dissatisfied with the service here, I think  the class is dirty and             not neat.

Hary    : Yes, I agree with you, the class is very dirty, and very uncomfortable for               learn.

Andi    : So what should we do?

Hary    : I think we must make a picket schedule, to clean up the class. So that the              class be comfortable for learn.

Andi    : That is a good idea, we must clean our classroom. Denis do you  have any               idea?

Denis   : No… I don’t have idea. Its not too bad.

Hary    : O.K. we must clean our classroom.


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