Genre              : Animation/Funny

Writer             : Eric Darnell

Producer         : Holly Edwards Mark Swift

Director           : Tom McGrath

Studio              : Dreamworks Animation

Cast                 : Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schimmer, Sacha, Baron Cohen

Running Time : 109 Minutes

“Bravo” for this movie, taken from the last story of Madagascar II, the movie tells about story of amazing animal adventure who escape from the zoo to the jungle in africa, and want to return again to the zoo in central park new york. Alex the Lion, Melman the giraffe, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the hippo and King Julian the lemur try to escape from the jungle, and then they need to find the penguins in the casino in monte carlo city. And then, they travel to monte carlo.  However, they meet animal control after spoil a party. Fortunately, they can to escape.

Everything seemed so perfect. until they  meet colonel  Du Bois from monte carlo animal control, Colonel Du Bois really want to catch and kill alex and make it as a display. Du Bois chased them wherever they go. Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and King Julian helped by penguins and monkeys for fight the evil Du Bois. Finally, they meet circus group in train station. They befriended with circus animals and plans to run away with the circus. However, their leader is Vitaly ( Russian cat ) refuse alex and his friends. Vitaly think alex can not play circus. Fortunately, Gia and Stefano support alex, so they can unite into the great circus. Finally, they can perform in london and new york. But Du Bois chased until new york, Du Bois fight with alex in central park fortunately alex can defeat Du Bois and send Du Bois to madagascar.

This movie give moral value about partnership with other animal and do not be easily discouraged. I think the penguins in this story become mediate in any existing problems, penguins always give suggestion and brilliant idea for alex. Madagascar is one story from dreamworks studio that is very funny story beside very amazing adventure. I think this movie can make a lot of money at the box office, many money spent by fans that  eager to see more funny story from animal and audiences can be entertain with this  movie. Finally, at the end of the story all ends happily.


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